Expert Consulting, Engineering, Tech Writing, Editing

VI Ventures delivers a wide array of technical writing, editing, and consulting services, specializing in technical content development, academic and technical editing, and expert consulting.

Explore these diverse services and discover how VI Ventures can meet your specific needs. Learn more about these offerings and connect to discuss your projects.

Technical Writing

Serving your written communication needs by creating powerful effective technical content: articles, courses/training seminars/manuals, operating procedures, manuals, market reports, proposals, guides, blogs, press releases, technical talks, white papers, seminars, training manuals, webinars, scientific papers, business to business copy, SEO-based website content, ghostwriting, e-books, and micro-books.


Comprehensive editing services include academic editing, technical editing, corporate editing, proofing, and copy editing. The services can cover grammar, punctuation, word usage, syntax, clarity, consistency, organization, logical flow, formatting, and style. Edits can be made to text, references, figures, graphs, and tables. The editing services improve the writing and content of research papers, grant proposals, technical reports, technical notes, peer-reviewed journal articles, client-faced documents, technical articles, and other types of publications.


Researching, developing, specifying, and integrating photovoltaics, MEMS, optoelectronics, semiconductors, controls and sensor products, processes, hardware, prototypes and components for renewable energy, industrial, space, government, and military clients.


A partner with significant operations and R&D experience on your side who can help solve problems in production scale-up, ramp-up, clean room processing, production partner location, process and manufacturing audits, design studies, technology maturity assessments, engineering training and development, mentoring.